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MultiXTpm Application Server

MultiXTpm is an Application Server, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) and Transaction Processing (TP) Monitor. It provides the runtime environment and rich API for developing large, scalable distributed applications for OLTP.

A detailed description of MultiXTpm Application Server can be found Here.

MultiXTpm Administration Server

A Microsoft Windows .NET web application that helps in controlling and configuring running instances of MultiXTpm Application Server. Using a browser, an administrator can connect to any running instance of MultiXTpm Application Server, control its running environment and configure all supported entities in a MultiXTpm Application Server environment. It supports SSL based connections and uses local system authentication. Authorization is done per user per action.

A description of MultiXTpm Administration Server can be found Here.

MultiXTpm Simple System

For those of you who need to develop simple Message Based Client/Server System in C++ without the hassel of learning new complex API, MultiXTpm Simple System is the best way to start with. Within few minutes you will be able to run a Client/Server system where the client is located in one location and the server is located on the same or on a remote location. This system can be easily modiefied to support any business logic you choose.

A description of MultiXTpm Simple System can be found Here.

MultiXTpm gSoap Enhancer

For those of you who need to develop XML Web Services in C++ and use gSoap as their toolkit, we have developed a special enhancement that enables implementing a gSoap Web Service in a scalable multi platform, multi computers and multi processes environment where the effort required by the developer is just the development of the Web Service functions.

A description of MultiXTpm gSoap Enhancer can be found Here.

MultiXTpm Generic Multiplexer

For those of you who need an application level multiplexer, a way to tunnel many connections into a single or predefined number of connections, MultiXTpm Generic Multiplexer is an excellent solution. It provides you with capablities to multiplex almost any type of message without developing a single line. But if you need to process special data formats, the code is very easy to customize. MultiXTpm Generic Multiplexer is an application built on top MultiXTpm Application Server.

A description of MultiXTpm Generic Multiplexer can be found Here.

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MultiXTpm Application Server is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

MultiXTpm Application Server is distributed in source code format and it supports: Windows OS, Linux, Solaris and HP Nonstop Server OSS.

The source code is packed in ZIP file and can be downloaded from

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